Gauge Theory Creative is in post production on a documentary following basketball phenom Thon Maker and his coach Edward Smith from high school all the way to the NBA. 

In the game of basketball Thon Maker is already one of the most athletic and fluid seven-footers in the world, and he just turned 19.  His combination of length, quickness, ball handling and mental toughness has intrigued NBA GM’s, top agents, shoe executives and millions of hoop enthusiasts on YouTube and beyond. A native of South Sudan, Thon immigrated to Australia with his mother at 5 years old in pursuit of greater opportunities. As a 6’8” 13 year old soccer player he caught the attention of Edward Smith, an Australian basketball coach with experience guiding players to the NCAA and beyond.  Fast forward a couple years of hard work and Thon's fast developing basketball talents begin garnering global attention. Smith decided to leave his successful coaching business in Australia and move his entire family to the US (2 years at the Carlisle School in Virginia) and now Canada (The Athlete Institute in Orangeville Ontario) in pursuit of their collective dream. Now Thon’s younger brother 6’10” Matur Maker is breaking onto the scene ready to blaze his own high octane path. But first Edward must help Thon pave his own road to the NBA through a shifting landscape of rules and opportunities. Today's sophisticated world of endorsement deals, television contracts, ticket sales, appearance fees and more is a hurricane of capitalism that every NBA hopeful must navigate. And amidst the gale wind forces Edward must continue to develop Thon's unique skill set and unparalleled potential. After all he's only been playing basketball for 5 years! 

AUTOMOTIVE - Scripted Feature

AUTOMOTIVE  (2014 - 79 minutes)

Written and Directed by Tom Glynn

SYNOPSIS - A modern noir seen through the eyes of an old car, a 1964 Mercury Montclair. From its fragmented perspective (camera only inside the car) we piece together a criminal plot as it unravels. Is that a body Kansas is putting in the trunk? He buries it in the desert night under headlights while a beautiful woman watches from the backseat. She is Lonely, his lover and accomplice...or is she? 

AVAILABLE - iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, Playstation, VUDU


  • The Los Angeles Time pick of the 2013 Dances With Films Festival 

  • 'An innovative néo-noir' -

  • 'Reminiscent of French noir like Le Samourai or the Billy Wilder classic Double Indemnity. It's rare to see a film like that being done these days, and it's even rarer to see it done right.' - Fan Boy Comics

  • 'Clever and stylish...this film is just that cool, and it made a great impression on us. Estes' screen presence echoes the spirit of Steve McQueen and the sophistication of Montgomery Clift.' -


A TWO MAN GAME - Feature Documentary 

A generation of African American caddies who grew up around Augusta National and other great southern courses is dying off. This documentary captures their amazing stories, exploring the evolution of caddying as a profession, issues of race within golf, and the amazing lives these men have led through caddying. Otis ‘Buck’ Moore, a staple of PGA tournaments for nearly 30 years, guides us through this landscape. Buck grew up across the street from Augusta National and began caddying there at age 15. He would go on to caddie for people like Dwight Eisenhower, travel around the world, and win majors on the PGA Tour. At 70 he's still carrying a bag and plans to do so one more year, hoping to cap it off with one more trip to Augusta...